Reviews for The Full English

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“…articulate and witty account of one fortysomething man’s quest to ride from one end of England to the other…”
London Cyclist magazine

“An easily read book, humorous, well written and full of the eccentricities of the English.”
Arrivee magazine

“If you want something a little quirky, try a bike ride around Britain from the comfort of your armchair, of course.”
The History Magazine

“Mike’s relaxed and chatty style is never less than entertaining, making The Full English the sort of book that can put a smile on your face even when it is cold, grey Winter outside.”
The Dorset Magazine

Dorset County Magazine review of The Full English


“9/10 A delightfully individual account of tripping the length of England by bike.”
Cycling Plus

“…an entertaining and informative read…”
Lakeland Walker

“Mike’s easy reading and descriptive style has you riding alongside him from the start. This witty account had me giggling out loud many a time, from ‘Terry the Druid’ to ‘Beryl’ at the bizarre guesthouse in Alnmouth and the case of the ‘missing sausages’!”
Cycletourer website

Ludlow Advertiser


“This thoroughly enjoyable chronicle of one man’s ‘mid-life crisis’ is England’s answer to Round Ireland with a Fridge, by Tony Hawks – but without the fridge.”
Ludlow Advertiser

“A great read. A lightening guide to the country with simple un-heroic endeavour and humour.”
Velo Vision

“…full of self-deprecating humour and endearing honesty about getting lost, being ill and enjoying or otherwise the hospitality of hostelries along the way.”
Cumbria Life

Adventure Travel Magazine review


“Warm, well observed, unpretentious and very funny, this is the kind of cycle tour we can all imagine ourselves taking, though hopefully without the Man-flu.”
Adventure Travel Magazine

Good Reads website:

I found this book both enjoyable and very interesting. I read it during a holiday in Weymouth, therefore I liked that the book begins in that area.
Read A Bit of Scott-ish first which is Mike Carden’s second book enjoyed it so much I got this one, very entertaining book about his adventures going from South of England to Berwick & not taking himself too seriously in the writing tone. Makes me want to get out there and do a bit of long distance cycling myself.